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About Us

Our research group is dedicated to finding the causes of autism, how to prevent autism, and how to best help people with autism. Our research team and collaborators includes many physicians, nutritionists, biochemists, scientists, and other staff.

Our focus is primarily on biomedical issues, including nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, and bacterial/yeast overgrowths in the gut. However, we strongly recommend that a combination of biomedical, behavioral, therapy, and educational interventions be used to best help children and adults with autism spectrum disorder.

Background on 

James B. Adams, Ph.D.

James B. Adams is a father of 3 children, including an adult daughter with autism, and that is what led him to shift much of his research emphasis to autism, focusing on biological causes and treatments. He is currently a President’s Professor at Arizona State University, where he conducts research on autism.

Autism-Related Service

President, Autism Society of Greater Phoenix, 2000–present – www.phxautism.org

President and founder, Autism Nutrition Research Center, 2013-present – www.autismNRC.org

Chair of Scientific Advisory Committee of the Neurological Health Foundation, 2013-present - https://neurologicalhealth.org

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