Openings for a study on: Assessment of Effect of Customized Probiotic Therapy for Children and Adults with Autism

Purpose:   To invite parents/guardians of children with autism and adults with autism who are using Sun Genomics customized probiotics, to evaluate their autism and GI symptoms before and after use of the probiotics, and to collect stool samples from them.

Background:  Sun Genomics is a new company that provides customized probiotics for individuals based on measuring their microbiome composition (up to 2,300 species of gut bacteria and yeast).

Who can enroll?  New/potential clients of Sun Genomics who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and are ages 2.5 years to 75 years.


Initial evaluation:  questionnaires on medical history and autism-related symptoms (20-30 minutes), and collection of extra vial of stool as part of normal collection process with Sun Genomics (2 minutes).  Optional additional evaluations of ASD symptoms.

Additional Evaluations during/after each 3 months of probiotic:  Additional questions about changes in medical history and autism symptoms (10 minutes). Additional stool collection (2 minutes).  Optional additional evaluations of ASD symptoms.

Cost:  There is no cost to participate in this study (but this study is only open to people who have purchased Sun Genomics Floré Precision Probiotics or Floré Tots Precision Probiotics).


Initial Evaluation:  $25 credit with Sun Genomics; up to $25 additional credit for optional questions.

Additional Evaluations:  each additional evaluation every 3 months results in a $25 credit with Sun Genomics, and up to $25 additional credit for optional questions

Duration:  After the initial evaluation, the additional evaluations occur every 3 months during treatment.  Participants may withdraw from the study at any time, or may continue in the study if they are continuing to take the probiotic, so that we can assess long-term effects.


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Sun Genomics and Arizona State University Announce a Joint Study to Examine the Effects of Customized Probiotics on Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Follow up to groundbreaking study that connected the gut microbiome to autism

SAN DIEGO, August 1, 2020 -- Sun Genomics, the world’s only fully customized personal probiotic company and Arizona State University announced a collaborative effort to assess the effect of a customized probiotic therapy on children and adults with autism.  This joint effort is part of a follow-on study following the successful completion of ASU professors, James Adams, Ph.D. and Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown’s research related to Autism completed in 2019. The purpose of this study is further Autism research surrounding the use of probiotics and to interview parents/guardians of children and adults with Autism who are using Sun Genomics’ Floré and to use stool samples of these individuals to further research efforts led by Arizona State University.  The collaboration is open to all participants between the ages of 2 and 75 years old who purchase Sun Genomics’ Floré and Floré Tots product.

 “The emerging science related to the gut microbiome and its potential influence on symptoms related to Autism Spectrum Disorder make this collaboration with Sun Genomics particularly interesting for our team,” said James Adams, Ph.D. one of the leaders of Autism/Asperger’s Research Program at Arizona State University. “We understand the importance of before and after microbiome profiling and Sun Genomics’ Floré provides us a great opportunity to gather new data and progress our research.” We are excited about this new collaboration and are looking forward to advance gut-microbiome science together” said Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown PhD, Professor in Environmental Engineering .

After a customer purchases either Floré or Floré Tots, both available here, they will receive the benefits of a whole genome microbiome analysis identifying bacteria, phages, yeast, fungi among other elements of their microbiome and receive three months of customized probiotics.  Moreover, as part of this study, a customer will have the opportunity to speak directly with a scientist at Arizona State regarding their experience.  “This bi-directional customer engagement is critical to understanding our customer’s health objectives and is important for us to progress the important scientific work of prestigious academic institutions like Arizona State University,” said Sunny Jain, CEO and Founder of Sun Genomics. 

Sun Genomics offers comprehensive microbiome analysis and customized probiotic solutions under the Floré brand that improves overall health through personalized science. Floré empowers consumers to analyze their microbiome and take precision probiotics, which results in positive changes in their microbiome. By using DNA sequencing, Floré formulates the right prebiotics and probiotics for overall health and delivers the product directly to the customer’s door. The information provided by consumers will be shared with Arizona State University to help further research related to Autism.



About Sun Genomics

Sun Genomics is a first-of-its-kind, customized probiotics startup with the mission is to improve gut health through personalized science. The company’s first consumer product, Floré, allows consumers to analyze their microbiome and take precision probiotics, allowing them to experience positive changes in their microbiome. By using whole genome DNA sequencing, Floré formulates the right probiotics for overall health and delivers it directly to the customer’s door. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram