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This is the autism research page for Professor James B. Adams and his research team at Arizona State University.

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New Publication: “Rating of the Effectiveness of 26 Psychiatric and Seizure Medications for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Results of a National Survey”. 

This paper covers data from 505 autism families, and is part of a larger national survey we are conducting. Read the article here.

For families and physicians we think Tables 2 and 7 will be most helpful. Table 2 has ratings for each medication, including overall benefit score, most common symptoms benefited, and overall adverse score and most common adverse effects. Table 7 lists what treatments were reported to be most effective for each of 19 symptoms that commonly occur in people with ASD. Note that the scores on these tables are averages, and individuals may respond differently. 

New Study Results for Microbiota Transplant Therapy for Children with Autism

Watch a video presentation by Prof. James Adams and Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown for a family-friendly explanation of the results from our Microbiota Transplant Therapy for Children with Autism study! You can read the full article here.

In the News: You can view Fox News' coverage of the study here, watch a feature about the study in a documentary here, watch a Facebook live interview with Prof. Adams here, and read a press release about the study by ASU Now here.

Professor James B. Adams       

New Study Results for Microbiota Transplant Therapy for Autism