Autism/Asperger's Research Program
at Arizona State University
directed by Prof. James B. Adams

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Our research group is dedicated to finding the causes of autism, how to prevent autism, and how to best help people with autism.

Our focus is primarily on biomedical issues, including nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, and bacterial/yeast overgrowths in the gut. However, we strongly recommend that a combination of biomedical, behavioral, therapy, and educational interventions be used to best help children and adults with autism spectrum disorder.

Also, Prof. Adams serves as the President of the Greater Phoenix Chapter of the Autism Society of America.

New! Vitamin/Mineral Supplement for Children and Adults with Autism
Article on ANRC Essentials, the vitamin/mineral supplement designed at ASU for children and adults with autism.
Download here

New! Treating gastrointestinal problems in children with autism using Beneficial Bacteria Transfer (BBT)
• Study Ad - children with ASD; typical children
• Invitation Letter and Application - children with ASD; typical children

New! Autism Nutrition Research Center (ANRC)
ANRC is a new non-profit created by Prof. Adams to help autism families learn about nutrition
Highlights include:
• Top 10 Nutrition Recommendations
• Nutrition Self-Assessment
• ANRC Essentials, an improved version of the vitamin/mineral supplement used in ASU research studies
See for more info

New! Invitation to Participate in Treatment Study for Seizures in Children with Autism
Study Ad
Invitation Letter and Application

Digestive Enzyme Treatment Study for Children/Adults with Autism (in ARIZONA)
Information and Application for Autism families

Evaluation of Traditional and Novel Treatments for Seizures in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Seizures - A Consensus Statement from the Elias Tembenis Think Tank held at Autism One

Treatment of Seizures - 2013 pdf by J.B. Adams and R. E. Frye

Treatment of Seizures paper

College and Community College Options for Adults with Autism/Asperger's

2013 Summary of Dietary, Nutritional, and Medical Treatments for Autism - based on over 150 published research studies.

Two New Handouts for Families!
Advice for Parents of Young Autistic Children - 2012 version
Transition to Work - Tips for Individuals with Autism/Asperger's and their Parents, Teachers, and Employers

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Zoowalk for Autism Research
We greatly appreciate the many families and sponsors who have supported our research through the Zoowalk for Autism.

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Spring Conference Info -

Important Information for Families
Need personal advice? Contact the autism society of Greater Phoenix -

ASU research revealing clues to autism causes

Brochure: Do I Have Asperger's?

2005 DAN! Consensus Report on Treating Mercury Toxicity
html version
pdf version

ASU Research in the News

Highlights of Vitamin/Mineral Study – 3 minute video clip from AutismOne
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ASU Research revealing clues to autism causes

New Study Links Toxic Metals and Autism


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